why I shouldn't live on earth

My whole life I have seen girls with boys and men with women. Men married women and women married men. It was just normal that way. Men fell in love with women and women fell in love with men. That’s just the way things went. Women dated men and men dated women. It was normal that way. 

Men and women would raise their kids together. That’s just the way it was. Women go to the mall to buy clothes in the women department. Men go to the men department and buy men clothes. 

Men buy cologne and women buy perfume. That’s the way we were taught. It’s okay for women to cry but it’s forbidden for men. As if they are incapable of having emotions. As if nothing makes them sad and upset. 

Women are so strongly criticized if they are the only ones working. As if it’s a disgrace that they make more money than there husbands. As if it’s a bad thing. 

Men can’t wear makeup because it was made for women. It’s made to beautify them but if men want to feel beautiful, too bad I guess. 

Women can’t have biceps and triceps because apparently it looks weird. It’s looks better on men. As if they can’t get strong and be fit. 

Men can’t wear nail polish because it’s a girl thing. Men can’t get there ear pierced because it’s a girl thing. Men can’t wear pink because it’s a girl thing. 

Women can’t shave there hair because it’s a guy thing. Women can’t pay the bills because it’s a guy thing. Women can’t watch sports because it’s a guy thing.