what am I

Take everything that you love about yourself, everything that has ever made you happy and everything that continues to make you happy. And then take the one person who you want to be proud of you and picture then telling you that all you’ve been is a disappointment to them.Picture them telling you that they’ve never been proud you and that you’re incapable of ever making them proud of you. 

 Now take all the goals that you have for yourself; for your future. And picture that one person that you always thought to be your number one supporter and picture them telling you that you’re never going to accomplish any of your goals because you don’t have what it takes to be good at anything. That you’re gonna end up homeless because you aren’t smart enough to get a degree. 

 Lastly picture those days where you woke up depressed, sad and wanting to end it all. You just wanted to be anywhere but the place that you were. You had all these thoughts circling your head and you didn’t know which one to listen to. The thoughts that one day you’ll accomplish everything if you set you mind to it, or the thought that all you’ll ever be is a disappointment, that you’ll never do anything right. You just wanted to be alone but you knew that being alone would be the death of you. That brief moment where you think to yourself that no one will give a shit if you’re gone. It’s not like you made that big of an impact in someone’s life. 

 That’s as close as equivalent to my mental state at the moment. 



what am I

I’ve been broken, beaten and confused. I’ve been stripped bare and mixed vigorously. They’ve laid me down in clean sheets and colored me black. I’ve been marked up and drawn on. Over and over again. They’ve put a label on me and they always refer to me as a name I didn’t ask for. Everyday they use me and they abuse me. I feel the warmth so much that it wears me to nothing but raw material. The friction between us is so ecstatic it burns me. Over the days, months and years, I shed parts of myself. I lose who I am only to replaced in a poor manner. They toss blame on me and make me feel less and less of myself but they never realize that they are doing it.
I’ve been ripped from the ground and glued back together only to break apart again. I’ve been stripped of my dignity and have had it replaced it by something else. I’m seen everyday but never acknowledged. I live my life to please others but never to be pleased. I let them walk all over me and they always do. I’m never enough to stop them.

What am I?